Kindal the Dog and Maple the Cat take an afternoon nap together.

Maple the Cat and Kindal the Dog in Asheville

It was my third time taking care of Maple the Magnificent Cat and the first time caring for Kindal, an elder, stately dog who has his own way of doing things. It took about 36 hours before Kindal was able to overcome his anxiety at this unknown petsitter (me) in his home. Kindal would carefully accept treats but wouldn’t eat or drink much. After the 24 hour mark, however, he relaxed a bit, ate some breakfast, and pooped and peed on a walk through the neighborhood. His progress was helped tremendously by playing for an afternoon at doggy daycare. Thereafter he was eating regularly and wagging his tail more — until a monster thunderstorm passed overhead. I sat with him and gave him head scratches and pets to calm him down. Later that evening, after a walk, he was back to slumbering on the couch. Kindal later rewarded me with kisses on my hands and face 🙂 Maple, meanwhile, patrolled the neighborhood and jumped into the dryer refusing my half-hearted, giggly attempts at removal.

— Paul

Me and Maple the Cat in a cuddling and scratching session.
Me and Maple the Cat in a cuddling and scratching session.

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Paul is a local Asheville web designer, bad drawer, and dogsitter.