Penny and Remus in Woodfin

Me, Penny, and Remus are old pals. I’ve catsat for them several times in their home in Woodfin, North Carolina, and it is always a pleasure. The first time I met Remus, an older tabby, he hissed at me at every opportunity. Now he purrs loudly accepting chin rubs and swiping his face on my…

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Maple the Cat and Kindal the Dog in Asheville

Kindal the Dog and Maple the Cat take an afternoon nap together.

It was my third time taking care of Maple the Magnificent Cat and the first time caring for Kindal, an elder, stately dog who has his own way of doing things. It took about 36 hours before Kindal was able to overcome his anxiety at this unknown petsitter (me) in his home. Kindal would carefully…

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Frida and Georgia (and Diego) in Leicester, North Carolina

Georgia the Cat cuddles with me on the fourth day of catsitting.

Tragically, much like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s relationship, Frida the cat doesn’t get along with Diego and his sister Georgia, also cats. They’re kept on different floors of a spacious home in Leicester, North Carolina (pronounced “les-ter,” the English way) where I laid in wait to serve wet food, dry food, and crunchy treats.…

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Maple the Magnificent in Kenilworth

Maple the Magnificent cat in Kenilworth in Asheville grooms herself.

Maple is no ordinary cat. She loves to wander the Kenilworth neighborhood in Asheville at all hours of the day and night. I imagine she follows the same route greeting neighbors both human and animal. I used to worry when she wouldn’t return immediately but I learned Maple is an independent, magnificent cat unafraid of…

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