Maple the Magnificent cat in Kenilworth in Asheville grooms herself.

Maple the Magnificent in Kenilworth

Maple is no ordinary cat. She loves to wander the Kenilworth neighborhood in Asheville at all hours of the day and night. I imagine she follows the same route greeting neighbors both human and animal. I used to worry when she wouldn’t return immediately but I learned Maple is an independent, magnificent cat unafraid of the world. Back home, she loves to zoom toward my shuffling feet inviting contact. Why she does this, I don’t know. I’ve nearly stepped on her a dozen times. She enjoys playing with cat toys and biting my hand, watching me and adjusting her bite based on my reaction. It’s a little unsettling but comically affectionate. Afterwards she loves to sidle up to me on the couch and purr in contentedness. If I had a cat, I’d like it to be Maple 🙂

— Paul

Maple begs for a drink from her bathroom oasis.
Maple begs for a drink from her bathroom oasis.

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Paul is a local Asheville web designer, bad drawer, and dogsitter.