Penny and Remus in Woodfin

Me, Penny, and Remus are old pals. I’ve catsat for them several times in their home in Woodfin, North Carolina, and it is always a pleasure. The first time I met Remus, an older tabby, he hissed at me at every opportunity. Now he purrs loudly accepting chin rubs and swiping his face on my legs. Penny is a delicate tortoise shell colored cat and makes musical chirping sounds with her voice. She stays hidden sleeping most of the day and night. On the rarest occasions, you’ll find both with the zoomies, darting through the entire home at light speeds. Their home was built around them with a screened-in “catio” and cat hallways between rooms. While I’m there I like to keep things tidy and watch Netflix on their big ‘ol TV.

Sleepy Remus the tabby cat.

About Paul

Paul is a local Asheville web designer, bad drawer, and dogsitter.