Georgia the Cat cuddles with me on the fourth day of catsitting.

Frida and Georgia (and Diego) in Leicester, North Carolina

Tragically, much like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s relationship, Frida the cat doesn’t get along with Diego and his sister Georgia, also cats. They’re kept on different floors of a spacious home in Leicester, North Carolina (pronounced “les-ter,” the English way) where I laid in wait to serve wet food, dry food, and crunchy treats. Frida was immediately affectionate at the sound of shaking treats. She enjoyed deep brushing of her fur and rubbing her cheeks on my pant legs. Her purr is as loud as a race at Bristol Motor Speedway. Cat siblings Georgia (named after O’Keefe) and Diego were a different story. It took four days of tempting them with treats and quiet presence before Georgia made an appearance. Seeing her turn the corner to approach me was a great delight! I like to think she was in need of a good cuddle and I was there to accommodate. Diego, unfortunately, was heard but never seen. I could hear his occasional pitter patter of paws at the edges of the garage and playroom but didn’t get to say hello. Maybe next time 🙂

— Paul

Frida, an orange tabby cat, enjoys playtime and purring.
Frida, an orange tabby cat, enjoys playtime and purring.

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