Patchouli aka. Choo-Choo is a sweet loveable dog in South Asheville.

Polly Pamps and Patchouli in South Asheville

Swifter than a speeding train, Polly is a cute 10 year old dog whom I’ve known since she was a puppy. Polly excels at all of the superlatives a dog can claim including the ability to fetch her favorite ball in record time. She loves to announce herself to every visitor, letter carrier, and woodland creature. She enjoys cuddles and belly rubs at all hours of the day. Polly’s adopted sibling, Patchouli aka. Choo-Choo, is a strong, loveable dog from a litter of 11 pups. I helped raise Choo-Choo since he was eight weeks old. Over the years, Choo-Choo learned to wait patiently for treats, walk on a treadmill, and hunt for peanut butter goodies in the yard. Choo-Choo loves sleeping next to me with his butt wedged on my hip. Choo-Choo also loves barking at the TV when fellow dogs show up on screen.

— Paul

Paul and Polly Pamps when she was just a little puppy.

About Paul

Paul is a local Asheville web designer, bad drawer, and dogsitter.