Lady, Maggie, and Maple live in Weaverville, North Carolina.

Dogsitting for Lady, Maggie, and Maple in Weaverville, North Carolina

Sit, Asheville, Sit, was contacted by Tommy and Sandra in Weaverville, North Carolina, to dogsit for their three pups: Lady, Maggie, and, the littlest one, Maple, a Schnauzer. For ten days, my goal was to feed them morning and night and take many trips out to the backyard. Lady, the Golden Doodle, dutifully challenged her older sister, Maggie (who shares a resemblance to Benji the Hunted both physically and intellectually), in going after the bone-shaped chew toy which we threw around the yard numerous times. But Maggie was (almost) always the fastest one to the bone! Afterwards we shared treats: bananas for me and peanut butter dog treats from Trader Joe’s for the pups. Then we rotated cuddles on the couch throughout the afternoon and evening. During my time, I also took care of simple tasks such as picking up the mail and keeping things clean. I look forward to sitting for them again!

— Paul


About Paul

Paul is a local Asheville web designer, bad drawer, and dogsitter.