Ruby in Paradise (Weaverville, NC)

Nestled away in a corner of Weaverville, North Carolina, among stately trees and luscious foilage, is a house with a family of four: mom, dad, kid, and Ruby, their nine-year-old, 60 lb. dog. As I entered their home to dogsit, Ruby trotted forward with a greeting followed by a rush to the back door where I let her out to pee and poop and roam. Ruby has free access to the neighborhood where she explores and plays with other dogs. After about 15 minutes, I called for her, whistling, “Ruby! Roooo-beeee!” Within a minute or so, I heard the sprint of her paws and then a grey streak on the street below. Then she turned onto the grassy field and bolted to the back door eager to chow on some kibble and slurp some water. Afterwards we cuddled and played with a bone then ended the evening with a delicious treat. Ruby is all smiles, all the time, and I can’t wait to see her again.

— Paul


About Paul

Paul is a local Asheville web designer, bad drawer, and dogsitter.